Top 10 Gorgeous Corners of Unspoiled Nature

Top 10 Gorgeous Corners of Unspoiled Nature
If you ever want to find a tranquil getaway from a busy city that never sleeps, consider visiting these places. The natural wonders on our planet are truly staggering. A trip to the mountains, fjords, archipelagos or remote islands will inspire and provide the best relaxation possible. See our ten choices of the week.

10. Lysefjorden, Norway

The fjord is famous for Preikestolen – a steep flat cliff, looking down the abyss, created by the fjord. It attracts thousands of visitors, who want to admire the breathtaking views and take some impressive pictures. It is the best spot to approach Lysefjorden as well.

Why to go there?

In Norway there are no fences to protect the tourists. Therefore one has to be very careful, however that allows to admire unspoiled nature and the uninterrupted panoramic views.






9. The Azores, Portugal

The archipelago is one of the autonomous regions of Portugal, found 1360 km (850 mi) away from the mainland in the Atlantic Ocean. Its volcanic origins result in dramatic landscape, fertile soil and lush greenery. Nine islands, scattered in a 600 km (372 mi) stretch of the ocean, belong to the archipelago. All nine of them have breathtaking sites and developed tourism, nature being the biggest attraction to the Azores.

Why to go there?

Visitors can find and enjoy various additional activities: golf courses, diving, bathing, hiking, sailing, going on a safari, fishing, enjoying a hip nightlife in the bigger cities or relaxing and enjoying a quiet time in the smaller towns.


Azores-Photo by Visit Azores


Azores-Photo by Jorge Feteira


8. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland

The river has carved this amazing Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon – probably the most beautiful canyon we have ever seen! Visitors can easily hike up the canyon and along the river. The views are constantly changing and simply overwhelming. The flowing river complements the experience with a soothing sound of flowing water. You can walk along it, but make sure to wear comfortable hiking boots, since the surface is rough.

Why to go there?

See this mesmerizing natural wonder once in Iceland. It provides a great hiking experience and an abundance opportunities to take great pictures.

Iceland-Photo by Gretar Skulason

Iceland-Photo by Kristján U. Kristjánsson

Iceland-Photo by Snorri Thor Tryggvason


Iceland-Photo by Viktor Lakics

7. Puerto Balandra, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The striking coastal area is surrounded with red mountains, features eight beaches and a turquoise lagoon. Crystal clear water in the lagoon usually reaches 30° C and is perfect for exploring diverse marine life: corals and hundreds of species of colorful fish attract scuba divers. It is also perfect for swimming and sun bathing on soft white sand.

Why to go there?

Busy city of La Paz is found nearby, making Balandra a pleasant getaway from urban hustle and bustle. On the contrary: unspoiled nature is preserved in Balandra and no tourist facilities, apart from a few restaurants and diving rentals, are developed.

Puerto-Photo by Javier Garcia

Puerto-Photo by Javier Garcia2

Puerto-Photo by Javier Garcia3

Puerto Balandra near La Paz is a surreal tropical paradise and a favorite anchorage for visiting yachts.

Puerto-Photo by Ned&Sara


6. The Faroe Islands

The gorgeous islands, posited in between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, are under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. A group of 18 islands fascinate with amazing nature. Despite the sovereignty, 50,000 residents have preserved their language and culture. Cities are clean and charm with the colorful houses, that add up to the landscape.

Why to go there?

This is a truly beautiful and remote place, which provides some great views, quiet atmosphere and complete tranquility.


Faroe-Photo by Jonathan Andrew2


Faroe-Photo by Jóan Petur Olsen

Faroe-Photo by Jonathan Andrew3

Faroe-Photo by Jonathan Andrew

Faroe-Photo by Grégoire Sieuw

5. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Today it is hard to believe that there could exist such a holiday destination as this – totally unspoiled, only crafted by wind and water. Situated far from the mainland, the remote place is divine. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, dunes, constantly being sculpted by wind, and a few lodges, offering the ultimate relaxation.

Why to go there?

Surprisingly there are plenty of activities to do here: fishing, sailing safaris, water skiing, paragliding and more. The animal lovers can watch dolphins, flamingos and whales.


Bazaruto-Photo by Jody MacDonald2

Bazaruto-Photo by Jody MacDonald



4. Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

It is often referred to as the number one site in the country. Numerous cruises take visitors around this staggering natural wonder. The fjord has two waterfalls – Lady Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls, accompanied by the hundreds of temporary falls after a heavy rain. Well developed tourism provides with the best service and tours to this magnificent place.

Why to go there?

The fjord is a favorite tourist destination in New Zealand and owns a legendary appraisal by Rudyard Kipling, who called it the eighth Wonder of the World.

Milford-Photo by Lop Pa

Milford-Photo by Tiffany Zau

Milford-Photo by David Capellari2

Milford-Photo by David Capellari

Milford-Photo by Caleb Bloxham

3. The Aleutian Islands, USA, Russia

This is truly a very unusual and unique place on Earth! 14 big and 55 small volcanic islands are sprawled across the northern part of the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Kamchatka, occupying a vast area of 17 666 km² (6 821 sq mi). There are 57 volcanoes that are part of the Ring of Fire – an active seismic area. Today over 8 000 people live on the islands. The main income comes from fishing, since the environment is not suitable for agriculture.

Why to go there?

This is a place for an adventurous traveler to go once in a lifetime! There are museums, that provide an insight into the history of this recluse community – there are 9 000 years old archeological findings, that prove humans lived here for that long. Besides the unspoiled nature provides an unforgettable experience and numerous outdoor activities – from hiking, kayaking and bird as well as wildlife watching to skiing and even surfing.

Aleutian-Photo by Chris Burkard


Aleutian-Photo by Abi Woddbridge

Aleutian-Photo by aleutianliving

Aleutian-Photo by Ken Wilson

2. Hawaii

It must be the heaven on Earth. A small group of volcanic islands boast such a wealthy and versatile nature: from pristine beaches, natural pools and rich marine life to rugged canyons, rivers of lava and tall peaks, that attract sky gazers to admire the clear night sky. One of the most favorite holiday destinations also attract adventurers, who love to surf, climb the mountains, ride horses and dive.

Why to go there?

Experience the glorious Hawaiian nature. One can have a relaxing vacation here as well as a breathtaking experience.

Hawaii-Photo by Floyd Manzano


Hawaii-Photo by Monica & Michael Sweet

Hawaii-Photo by Mark Payton

Hawaii-Photo by Nerijus Lostinhdr

Hawaii-Photo by Tom Kualii

1. The Himalayas

The largest mountainous range with the highest peaks in the world sprawls across several countries. Tourists usually go visit Tibet, China, India and Nepal. From here they can choose numerous hiking trails in the mountains. The trip promises great panoramic views, turquoise glacier lakes, monasteries and remote villages on the way.

Why to go there?

This is probably the most spiritual place on Earth – due to a little intervention by humans, the unspoiled nature attracts pilgrims, who seek for enlightenment after spending some time in here.


Himalayas-Photo by Maciej Bledowski

Himalayas-Photo by Harrison Zhao




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