Top 10 Things to See and Do in Pennsylvania

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Pennsylvania
Famous for its unspoiled gorgeous nature, vibrant cities, multiple museums and various other attractions, the state of Pennsylvania offers an abundance of sightseeings and amusements. Check out our ten choices and pick your favorite one!

10. Stargaze in Cherry Springs State Park

The park, highly regarded by the stargazers, provides a striking glimpse to the nucleus of the Milky Way. The observations are made from the top of the 701 m (2300 ft) high mountain, where a 360° panoramic views, free from light pollution or electrical lines, open.

Why to go there?

The park offers public programs and various events like the Perseids Meteor Shower in August.

Stars-Photo by PhotoshopAddict89



9. Go to Knoebels Amusement Park

The amusement park has some classic roller coasters, as well as the newer rides. The park’s wooden roller coasters, a 1913 carousel and a haunted house dark ride give Knoebels a historic feeling. The entrance is free – another pro for the visitors.

Why to go there?

The classic park, not expensive.




8. Explore Ricketts Glen State Park

The staggering nature in the park attracts loads of hikers. The romantic surroundings provide amazing hiking trails, that will allow to have an exhilarating walk in the unspoiled environment. People also go biking, picnicing and even horseback riding in here.

Why to go there?

The beautiful park provides numerous beautiful views as well as outdoor activities.

Ricketts-Photo by Chris Clements

Ricketts-Photo by Binh Ly

Ricketts-Photo by Dracoart-Stock


7. Relax in Omni Bedford Springs Resort

The resort dates back to 1796 and is said to be one of the oldest in America! The resort uses the spring water, which is rich in minerals and has healing qualities. The impeccable service and elegant interiors will ensure the best relaxing vacation!

Why to go there?

Have a romantic weekend in this historic resort while traveling in Pennsylvania.





6. Explore Longwood Gardens

One of the best horticultural display gardens in the US is found in Kennett Square. It welcomes visitors all year round and offers a staggering exhibition of exotic plants. A lot of events, lectures, performances and workshops take place here as well, allowing visitors to learn more about horticulture.

Why to go there?

A real treat for one’s eyes, as the well maintained gardens offer an exquisite opportunity to admire the rarest plants.



Longwood Gardens


5. Fallingwater, Mill Run

Also known as Kaufmann Residence, the building was designed in 1935 and is a popular tourist attraction. It is built above the waterfall, giving the impression that the fall drops from the house. First it was a private property, but later has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Why to go there?

The house is listed as one of the most important architectural achievements in American history.

Fallingwater-Photo by Andrew Rhodes

Fallingwater-Photo by Brian Scannell

Fallingwater-Photo by Benjamin Skripnik

4. See the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

The natural wonder runs along Route 6 S, just south of Ansonia. The iconic views from Leonard Harrison State Park are especially picturesque. The canyon is covered in thick forests and is famous for unspoiled nature and wildlife.

Why to go there?

Admire the breathtaking views of this natural wonder.





3. Harrisburg

The capital of Pennsylvania is a fun destination to go to. The city is packed with amazing architecture, museums, galleries, restaurants and shops. The Pennsylvania State Capitol crowns the cityscape with its majestic white dome.

Why to go there?

Visit this dynamic city, which has plenty activities and landmarks to offer.




2. Visit Pittsburgh

The second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania is a hub of culture and various urban entertainment. The Downtown is especially vibrant and packed with museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes, shops and other businesses.

Why to go there?

One of the most amusing and entertaining cities in the state.





1. Go to Philadelphia

The largest city in Pennsylvania, Philly has a stunning skyline, parks and proper urban entertainment. The Independence National Historical Park is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions, providing an insight into American history.

Why to go there?

Explore the versatile culture as well as history of America in Philadelphia.




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