Top 10 Things to See and Do in Shanghai

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Shanghai
Shanghai is a vibrant diverse businesses center, cultural hub and popular tourist destination in China. We have picked ten great attractions that are a must-see once in this beautiful historic city of Shanghai.

10. See the Lupu Bridge

It is the second largest arch bridge on the planet! And it is one of the most recognizable and popular landmarks in Shanghai. The bridge is white during the day and is enlightened in colorful light during the night.

Why to go there?

Cross this beauty or approach it from the river banks as well as on a river cruise.


Lupu Bridge at Sunset


9. Visit Jade Buddha Temple

An enormous Buddhist temple features an abundance of statues and relics, that allow to have a proper insight into this religion. A huge marble Buddha statue owns the center of attention. Moreover there is a great restaurant downstairs, which provides fresh delicacies.

Why to go there?

Discover this tranquil and spiritual retreat in the busy city.


The actual Jade Buddha inside the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai China


8. Have a Scenic Ride on the Shanghai Highways

The Shanghai’s famous highways get illuminated with a blue light at night, making it look not only beautiful, but futuristic as well. The skyscrapers seen in the background are from the Pudong district. Some of the highways are elevated and are known as City High-speed Roadways, since the speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph).

Why to go there?

The highways make it easier and quicker to navigate in the busy district, also creating a fantastic scene to take pictures.

Highway-Photo by Mathijs van den Bosch

Highway-Photo by Paul Reiffer2

Highway-Photo by Paul Reiffer

7. Stay at Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel

Futuristic on the outside, lit with neon lights, the hotel offers traditional Chinese interiors inside. The architecture is indeed unique: a cylinder shaped inside is surrounded with this sparkling cube, giving a dramatic and surreal feeling for the hotel’s guests.

Why to go there?

Comfortably situated in Himalayas Center, the hotel blends elegance, luxury, tradition and modernity.





6. See the Oriental Pearl Tower

Found in the Pudong District, where all the skyscrapers including the World Center are huddled, the Oriental Pearl Tower is famous for its distinct design. The communication tower houses viewpoints and restaurants in the spheres and are desirable tourist destinations.

Why to go there?

The observation decks provide breathtaking panoramic views to the city.



Oriental-Photo by Depositphotos

5. Visit Shanghai Museum

Found in the People’s Square, the museum features various exhibitions and collections, that feature Chinese ceramics, bronze sculptures, paintings and many more fine art pieces. Moreover the tranquil gardens and parks around the museum will provide a relaxing getaway from the busy city.

Why to go there?

Learn about Chinese art in this cultural hub.




4. Visit Shanghai World Financial Center

492 m (1,614ft) tall building is exciting to visit: among offices it houses shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and observation decks to the amazing Pudong view. The unusual design reduces the wind pressure and is a tribute to the Chinese mythology.

Why to go there?

One of the most impressive landmarks in the city offers various entertainment as well as breathtaking panoramic views.





3. Go to the Bund

The waterfront area provides with the most unique site: on the one side of the river historic buildings are lined up along the streets, while on the other side the modern skyscrapers and towers dominate the skyline. The spot provides a truly mesmerizing views.

Why to go there?

Explore both sides of the river on the boat tour.




2. Old City of Shanghai

The former Chinese city was surrounded by a wall, that was dismantled only in 1912. The district fascinates with amazing traditional architecture, temples, gardens and food. At night it gets especially beautiful, when illuminated with colorful lights, and crowds of people come here to have fun.

Why to go there?

Although most of the buildings are renovated, however they look no less impressive. Moreover in spring and fall a fair is held in the City God Temple. During a Lentern Festival the streets get filled with colorful lanterns.

OldCity-Photo by Tim Harman

OldCity-Photo by Anakin Yang2

OldCity-Photo by Anakin Yang

1. Go on a River Cruise

Huangpu River is among the busiest rivers in the world. The boat trip provides the best views to the city skyline and also is an entertaining way to discover the city. It is said that the cruise is especially romantic during the sunset.

Why to go there?

One of the best ways to approach the famous Pudong District as well as the Bund.





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